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Campus Business Plan Competition Kickoff

Tuesday night we had a packed house at the Fairfield University Business Plan Competition‘s annual Kickoff event. At least 100 students — we lost count at about 85 or so — came to hear about this year’s schedule of events, network with possible mentors and partners, and learn about the new FAME incubator.

The evening started with an award-winning promotional video produced by Casey Timmeny and his crew at the Fairfield University Media Production Group.


The video segwayed to a presentation of the Winning Game Plan, a six step strategy to get the best team, best business plan, and best pitch in place for the Finale in April. The presentation was delivered by past student winners, who discussed both the problems they overcame and the opportunities they capitalized on the way to the Finale. The students did a terrific job of showing both the value of participating and the potential for winning the competition. Each got an enthusiastic reception, with applause getting louder as each student completed his or her segment.

With all of this build up, the biggest news of the night was left for the end, with the announcement of the FAME incubator. screenshot-by-nimbus

While the business plan competition is an educational program with a discrete endpoint in April, FAME provides a chance to implement the business plan with the continued support of the university community. The crescendo of the night was the announcement that at least one student team from this year’s competition would be accepted into the FAME, to be fast tracked to starting a real business based on their business plan.