Working With Us

FAME takes a developmental approach to working with our client companies that is in keeping with Fairfield University’s Jesuit educational service mission. We try to provide whatever resources are most needed at each stage of a company’s development. We may also provide advice and encouragement to those who need it. However, we never dictate to anyone how to conduct their business, leaving the day-to-day decisions to our client companies. We encourage businesses at various stages of development to apply.

Stage 1. Ideation and Initial Consultation

Meet with us to discuss your business idea. We will share with you our funding model and help you assess whether we are the right one to help you achieve your business goals. If there is sufficient funding potential and ability to leverage our resources then you will be encouraged to move on to the second stage.

Begin the Application Process Now

Please answer a few basic questions about you and your business. These will be vetted by our review board, with most decisions arriving within a few days of the initial consultation. If you are not chosen, then we will at least indicate why and, whenever possible, refer you to another incubator or other entity that can better serve you.

Stage 2. Business Plan Development

Once you have been formally accepted, you will be invited to use our office space and mentoring help for an initial period based on an assessment of your business requirements and potential. During this time we will work with you to develop your business plan and seek out potential funding sources.

Stage 3. Fundraising and Launch Planning

To continue in the program, you will be required to match up with an investor that will partner with you for an equity share, loan or convertible note. Each business will set the terms of the investment agreement. A minimum of $25,000 will be needed by each team to move to the next phase.

The $25,000 will cover the FAME on-site support, vouchers for professional services needed to propel your business to the next level of funding at the launch stage.

If you have already launched your business, the incubation phase will refine and position your business for investment and commercialization. The launch stage will be for funding to the next level of business development.

Stage 4. Incubation and Launch

Developmental-FAME will allow you to develop your model for up to 3 months.

Private Investment – FAME will match you up with investors to secure funding for the 3-6 month program.

Public Launch – FAME hosts a “DEMO DAY” to match up angel and venture capital investors for your business.